sábado, 9 de abril de 2022

More art, more insight

Some more art of the upcoming project, for which I don't have a working title yet. I am pondering reusing the one from my half-assed rpg, Monks & Mummies, as it shares muses with it. It also sounds perfect both in english as in my native language (Monjes y Momias!)

But I am considering others that might be more appropiate. Three Lost Treasures, or Los 3 tesoros robados (will post more on the rules once the game is actually printed, hopefully this upcoming month)

These are all the cards present on this prototype at the moment: I made this picture in case I lose the deck or a spare card, so I can remember them all and track which one is missing. They are all done with pencil and color markers, with occassional collages.

4 comentarios:

  1. Thank you for sharing these! I really like the NES-era art style you're using. It's very colorful and looks fun!

  2. I recently saw your work elsewhere and will reiterate what I said there. Your work is stunning, and it would be a great pleasure if there were a way to work with you and your art

    1. There is a way! tell me about the project you have, or any idea you might have and we can talk about it. I have never been an artist for hire before. Do you write? What kinds of things?

      here is my email in case you prefer to use it:


      or find me at IG if you want at

      https://www.instagram.com/four_winds__mtgpunk/, DM me saying its you