Monday, June 22, 2020

Minimalistic D&D-like part 2

At character creation, you roll 1 or 2 d6 (to be decided later). Then you get hp as per this table:

Roll of 1-3: Add that amount of HP and get a special (strenght, parry, unarmed fighing, etc) or a spell.

Roll of 4-6: You get either 4 HP OR 2 SP (Spell Points) and a known spell.

From this rolls, the divergence between martials having lots of HP and Wizards having little HP is created.

Each SP allows you to cast 1 spell from the list you know.

At 6 hp you become a Warrior (+1 AC, you deal d6 damage regardless of weapon until you reach this rank) at 10 hp a Champion (+1 Attack/round) and at 14 hp a Hero (+ 1 Attack/round).

Converselly, if you want to climb the Wizard's ladder, it is measured in the SP amount:

2 SP: Initiate, you roll a d4 for casting magics.
4 SP: Enchanter or Priest. You get your mandatory staff that lets you roll d6 for magic and can cast the Light spell. +1 Magic Resistance
6 SP: Wizard or High Priest/ess, you roll d8 for magic. +2 Magic Resistance

Magic Resistance is substracted from psychical or magical attacks and can be increased by wearing certain amulets and magic related gear. Some other crystals or robes might grant extra SP per day, but do not count for rank purposes.

These are the available starting spells. Others will appear during the game (so I can make up things on the way). You roll your magic die to cast them: it serves as the amount of damage/heal they do if they do any.

1. Heal: Heal allies or damage undead by the same amount. Can also dispel one curse or mind altering spell.
2. Cold: Cold based damage. Enemy movement = Slow by the same amount of turns
3. Scry: Ask a question, you get a 1-word answer. The answer is notated in your sheet until you have words = to your Magic Die maximized. From then, the spell will only answer choosing the most appropiate of those words (You develop a limited divination language). Use runes or cards to ask 2 questions instead.
4. Wink: Prevent your die in damage suffered this turn, you also dissapear from melee and can appear on ranged distance or go hidden.
5. Bird: Crow, swan, owl, falcon... every wizard school has its own bird they use as alter-egos. Choose yours. You can fly or flee at 1d10 speed; your maximum hp is 6.
6. Tame: Roll over 2 + Magic Resistance to get the next best result on the reaction roll; friendly monsters act to your suggestions. Giant monsters have +1 Magic Resistance


1. All combat rolls are 1d6 vs Armor as Damage Reduction, with the difference being dealt in damage. Armor goes up to +3 in PCs as going further would make them almost damage-proof

2. Armor is part what you wear and part what you are. This is done because it feels good to me that an expert barbarian warrior gets the equivalent in armor as a man using a shield, and almost the same as a man in full plate.

You get +1 armor for achieving the warrior rank
You get +1 armor for carrying a shield. 
Light armor grants you +2 hp but no AC bonus
Heavy armor is +2 Hp, +1 AC, but slows movement
When it comes to the point in which armor is higher than that, it just gives extra HP or counts as wearing a shield.

Certain situations can bring you to higher AC, like riding a horse against an unmounted opponent or just being giant in size. Shields that provide resistance to fire might add an extra +1 vs fire, or just be able to work against fire while others won't. Both approaches are valid.

3. As all weapons deal d6 damage, the differences are more tactical than about firepower:

Swinging a dagger vs a guy with a sword allows the sword guy to attack you first. Same with a sword vs a spear. Combatants with the rank of Warrior count as having higher range when fighting non-warriors.

Heavy weapons can re-roll damage if you get results below a certain Strenght value.

Light weapons can parry if you learn the right feat (counts as shield for 1 turn) by changing your attack roll to a 1 (useful if you didnt score damage anyways). You strike at +1 in the next turn
Improvised weapons attack at -1, unarmed at -2

You can deal more damage per turn by getting extra attacks (which is tied to your Max HP totals instead of levels, see previous entries)