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Monks & Mummies: Player's Guide

 In this entry, I will write the Monks & Mummies player rules, bit by bit, using edits so the game is not scattered around in multiple ones. This is the definitive shape of the "Minimalistic D&D" entries. It is also a way to not lose my work over time, be it the work of months or years. 

The premises from which I part are:

* Mechanical parts reduced to the minimum to not be redundant. Hit Dice and Attribute scores are not in their common forms, but they are there somehow.

* Monks and Fighters must coexist and not over-rule the other. The setting is much more based on Dragon Quest rather than Medieval fantasy. 

* Combat is made by one roll for each combatant. 

* Instead of tracking Charisma and Hirelings separately for each PC, the whole party uses hirelings as one. The hireling's united levels cap must be lower than the party's levels united. Equally, many other things as monster reactions are based on the actions or dispositions of the whole party.

* More information will be added overtime. 

Character Creation:

Roll 3d6. Assign any 2 results to each of this tables. The other number is your starting HP

Class table:

1,2 - Monk: Your fists count as an off-hand weapon (d6 damage, can re-roll once per turn if using another weapon). 1d4 weapons are upgraded to 1d6 too.

3,4- Fighter: You get +1 Damage Reduction from plate armor, and also you deal d8 damage with martial weapons.

5- Expert: +1 to your background knowledge. Once per downtime, you can produce an item that is common or related to your background. Roll 1d6 for number of doses, or 4+ on a d6 for reusability/adaptability if its a tool. You can also craft related things during downtime.

6-Wizard: You get some spells depending on your HP: 1-2 hp = 3 spells. 3-4 hp = 2 spells. 5+ hp = 1 spell. You don't have to choose them now; you can play and choose them when you need them; but once chosen, you can't change them.

Special table:

1- You are weak (-1 strength) or crippled (-1 MV). Choose any.
2- nothing
3- nothing
4- nothing
5- You get +1 on either MV or strength, and -1 on the other.
6- You get +1 strength or +1 MV


At anytime during play, you can state a one-word background that gives you +1 to a skill roll involving knowledge (no stealth or combat shit). You keep that background from now on. 

That kind of rolls are d6; and are TN based. As a guide, easy things are 4 in 6; medium things are 2 in 6 and harder shit at 1 in 6.

Movement, Armor and Strength:

Roll or choose. Certain actions require to roll equal or under your MV on a d8. Armor, on the other hand, adds HP unless noted.

1,2,3: MV 4, no armor
4: MV 3, light armor; +2 HP
5: MV 2, heavy armor +3 HP. Increased MV doesnt apply on heavy armor.
6. You get a shield and roll again. -1 MV, +1 damage reduction

You start at strength zero. At strenght +1 you are strong like Conan, and roll an extra d6 on melee (pick best). At strenght +2 you are strong like a troll and roll and extra d8 instead. If your strenght is less than zero, your melee damage is capped at 1d4


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